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1846 Census Record for Matias Brugman Duliebre


The image below is of the 1846 Census record for Matias Brugman which can found at El Archivo Histórico Municipal de Mayagüez in volume 2 of the 1846 Documentos Historicos under Bo. Naranjaes, Las Marias, Puerto Rico.

At the time (11/2000) that I photographed the page I could not decipher the abreviations listed in the second column for Manuel Maria Albaris nor Catalina Brugman. So I submitted a copy of the photo and posted a "help me decipher" message on Searching for our Roots. Within days I received several responses with the general opinion that the abbreviations were for sobrino and sobrina. Click on the image to view a cropped version of the two rows.

Since then, I have not yet come across any other information for Manuel Maria Albaris but I have found some data for descendants of a Catalina Brugman. I have entered Manuel and Catalina, and her descendants, in my database as possible descendants of Matias' siblings.

Thanks to all who responded to my post and to Priscilla Colon for the opportunity to do so.

1846 Census