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Gilbert passed away on May 31, 2009. May his soul be enjoying an eternal life of hearty laughs and great music.

Memorial Slideshow

The 20 minute tribute to Gilbert that was shown at his wake: Memorial slideshow.

These walls talk...

Visiting Gilbert at his home always included a tour of his gallery of familia. The walls in his basement office display photos of generations of familia...

Gilbert Caquias Lopez

Gilbert Caquias Lopez (February 2002)

August 2000

During the last forty years of my life, there has been flourishing in me the idea and burning desire to know more about the history of my ancestors.

This desire is the result of the tales and folklore which were passed down through the lips of my parents and grandparents, further awakened by a photograph of an old gray-haired man with a beard down to his chest (Enrique Brugman Laborde). I came upon this photograph while looking at family albums on July 4th, 1990 at my cousin Nelson Santiago's 16 acre estate in York, Maine.

The summary of this research that I present is part of my effort to improve my knowledge of my family and of how they lived and died.

The Caquias family merged into the Brugman genealogy in 1926.