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Patriotic Memorial at El Cementerio
Viejo de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico


During November of 2000, I visited a few cemeteries in Puerto Rico at which I took photographs of every tombstone that belonged to, or might belong to, someone related
to this genealogy.

At El Cementerio Viejo de Mayagüez, on Post Avenue, I came across a very patriotic and beautiful memorial. However, my notes do not indicate if anyone is interred at this memorial. Below are photos (click on any photo to view a larger image) of some of the items in this memorial and the information provided to me by the caretaker who accompanied me throughout the cemetery. I would be grateful if you would contact me with any insight on this memorial. ¡Gracias!

Drawing of José de Diego, an unknown male, and Mariana Bracetti Cuevas photo of la Familia I&ntildeesto

Above left photo: I was informed that the drawing of the man with the mustache, and the bust to its left, is of Lcdo. José de Diego Martinez. My notes do not indicate who the male in the middle drawing is. A photograph of this man, from which the drawing seems to have been done, is on the wall to the left of this display. See the bottom left photo. Can anyone identify this person? The third drawing is of Mariana Bracetti Cuevas.

Placed against the drawing of the male unknown to me is the top right photo. I was informed that this photo is of la familia Iñesto. There is also at this memorial a certificate granting Marisol Iñesto Mira the right to practice as an apprentice engineer. See the bottom middle photo. Any idea what these items have to do with this patriotic memorial?

The bottom right photo is of Dolores "Lolita" Lebrón Sotomayor. Is that Lolita Lebrón seated in the middle of the above photo to the right?

          photograph of unknown male at a patriotic memorial at El Cementerio Viejo de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico      Certificate granting Marisol Inesta-Miro to practice as an apprentice engineer.      photo of Lolita Lebrón

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