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Every family has a shinning star, a rebel and a black sheep. Ours is no different. Below is a listing of some of the famous & infamous members in our genealogy featured in articles. The articles provided on this web site are scanned from various sources including microlfilm print-outs, because of this the image quality varies. The articles in poor quality are provided in a negative (white text on a black background) format. The articles are provided as PDF files which can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download a FREE version of Adobe Acrobate reader at The PDF files are virus free and on a virus free server.


Guillermo Arroyo Brugman                 Matias Brugman Duliebre
Isabel Maria Beauchamp Alicea          Maria Hernandez Torres
Elias Beauchamp Beauchamp             Tito Lara (Agustin Enrique Lara Olivencia)
Arnaldo Bruckman Toro                     Johnny Lopez (Juan Pereira Lopez)

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