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Our main source of documented data are the microfilms of vital and church records made available by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which until recently, could only be viewed at a local Family History Center.

Microfilms for records from all over the world dating back to 1885, some church records date older, can be reviewed over a 30 day period for a $5.75 rental fee per film or you can get a microfilm on loan indefinitely to your local Family History Center for $22.25.

Over the years, Kathy and I have reviewed dozens of rolls of microfilmed records for Aguadilla, Catano, Lares, Las Marias, Mayaguez and Yauco in Puerto Rico, Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Hueypoxtla, Veracruz and Mexico City, Mexico to name just a few. We continue to depend on the microfilmed documents but no longer need to make the time to visit a Family History Center. The majority of microfilms have been digitized and are available online for FREE, allowing us to peruse the documents from the comfort of our home at no additional expense.

These microfilms have helped us trace back our genealogy, identify the familia missing in a family tree that links a particular family into our genealogy and we've even reunited several relatives and old friends.

If you have found the information on this website or in our offline databases helpful, or would just like to support our efforts, please consider making a donation. Many microfilms were rented over the years on indefinite loan at the cost of $22.25 per film, in addition to the expenses of annual memberships to, photocopies of articles, etc. While we no longer need to rent microfilms, we did incur a major expense on microfilm rentals in the past and still do incur the other expenses mentioned.

Your assistance in any amount would be greatly appreciated and a big help to continuing our research efforts. You may send your donation via Paypal. Type in Julia Sosa's e-mail address,, in the "To" field when you get to it.

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