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Bookmarks for individual family files in the old design will continue to access those files. However, all files should have been transfered to the new design with the surnames properly listed. Please locate any previously bookmarked record below and bookmark the new file.

Extended Familia

= The individual is related to someone who married into the Brugman genealogy.


C = Child photo included on family page.
A = Adult photo included on corresponding page.
G = Grave location info linked.

A blue frame around an image indicates that a full version of the image can be viewed by clicking on the blue framed image.

Missing Links

There are currently 455 individuals, in 160 family groups, that we cannot link into our main genealogy database because we have not yet been able to identify the name of the missing link. Please review the information that we do have and contact Julia,, if you are able to provide additional information or the name of the missing link.

Unknown First Name/Surname

There are some people in our database for which their frst name, surname or both are unknown. Please visit our page of Unknown Names and contact Julia,, if you are able to provide the missing information.