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This website is the result of the input of many relatives, thier friends and contacts who unselfishly contributed funds, ideas, guidance, many hours of research time, information, photographs and music. Relatives who know me from the day I was born and others who never heard of me but knew one of my ancestors. As well as folks that came across one of my online message postings.

Loida Campis of Cabo Rojo, P.R., a cousin of a cousin gave up her free time just to help us with our research. Mery Kergall at Paris, France, a professional researcher hired by a cousin. Elsie Arroyo, the parish secretary at the Inmaculada Corazon de Maria at Las Marias, P.R. provided us with invaluable notes and copies of church records. We even received input from unrelated people who stopped their own genealogical research in order to take down notes of some piece of info pertaining to our genealogy that they happen to come across during their own research.

Descendants of ancestors as well as those who married into the family. Folks once married into our family and even some of their relatives have participated. Relatives who have a forest of notes, documents, photos, newspaper articles, awards, memorabilia (you get the idea) in boxes consisting of their own genealogical research who welcomed me and modern technology, with open arms, into their lives and homes. Relatives of all ages who live down the block, across the U.S., at the islands and even south of the border.

Heartfelt thanks to all for making this website a success. Please keep the photos, articles, music & updates coming.

Our genealogy. Our FAMILIA.