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August 2000

I was born Francisco Jose Collazo Beauchamp at Barrio Caonillas, Utuado, Puerto Rico on November 5, 1931. At the age of seven, I started to work at my father's store. I matured too fast dealing with adults and I left Caonillas to join the Army at the age of fifteen. My father had to provide written consent to the Army for me to join at such a young age. I enlisted in the U.S. Army on December 18, 1946 at Ft. Buchanan and served for thirty years. I served at the end of War World War II, during the Korean Conflict, and Vietnam in Panama, Okinawa, Greenland; and stateside in Texas, Alabama, California, and New Jersey. During this period I earned my education in the evenings - the discouraging route; and accumulated six years of college credits majoring in mathematics and computer science; and I married on December 27, 1953. My profession in the service was radar & missile technician attaining the rank of Chief Warrant Officer -W4 (equivalent to a Major rank) working in research and development of weapon systems for eleven years. I retired from the Army around January 1977.

Subsequent to my retirement, I earned a master degree in computer system Engineering at a small college in Huntsville, Alabama. Upon retirement, I worked as System Engineer for Teledyne Brown Engineering for four years (1977-1981). I started my own business about November 1980 in Huntsville, Alabama. Colsa, Inc. has grown from three employees in November 1980 to 850 employees in nineteen years. Colsa's headquarters are at Huntsville, Alabama with additional offices at Washington, D.C., Houston, Texas, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Alabama, and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In my life I have never had an engagement with the law except for traffic violations.

My grandfather, Gabriel Bello Beauchamp, inculcated on us that family is first and we must take care of our own: "La familia es primero." He was very hospitable and taught us how to project love to others. You can not receive love unless you give love. He is a Beauchamp that all of us are proud of. Proud of his accomplishments and of how he managed to raise a family of twelve during the depression. I feel the obligation to maintain this family legacy and our identity for the next generation.

The Collazo family merged into the
Beauchamp genealogy in 1924.